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Undersigned is a psychological thriller for an audience of one.

Depending on your choices, it will last between 40-50 minutes. Your participation will involve an invocation, a blindfold, and a pointed discussion.

The topic of this discussion will vary based on your input, and may include but are not limited to Money, Power, Sex, Pleasure, Violence, Blood, Body Horror, Moral Horror, Economic Horror, Wild Conjecture, and the Occult. You are invited to entertain or dismiss any topic of discussion that arises, or may request in advance that a topic be off limits. 

This experience is decidedly in-person, and proof of vaccination is required.

In lieu of a traditional ticketing system, payment for this experience will be made through a "Down-Payment" System.

Note: Management believes in expanding availability of appointments to as many supplicants as possible. Should the cost of a Downpayment be prohibitively expensive, you may learn about alternate structures for accessing an appointment here.

Upcoming Appointments

New York City

Undersigned makes periodic appearances in New York City, most of which are reserved for guests of previous participants. If you wish to be among those in the know when it next returns, join the list below for notifications.

New Orleans
New Orleans
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Undersigned is appearing as a selection of the 2023 Overlook Film Festival, March 30th - April 2nd. Tickets will be made available through the Festival website, with festival pass holders getting early access.

Staying Informed

Those who wish to be notified about publicly available Appointments in these or other cities are welcome to check this page as constantly as possible—or you could just sign up below, and we'll let you know.

Additional appointments are currently being released on an invitation-only basis: each participant is able to invite one additional participant. If you have yet to be invited in this manner, considering making more interesting acquaintances.

Alternately, venues and individuals interested in hosting this experience for limited engagements/private performances can be in contact directly.

Past Appearances

Undersigned first appeared at the City Reliquary in Brooklyn, New York in the Summer of 2022. City Reliquary Museum Members were the first to know, and had access to exclusive appointments at no up-front cost. The Reliquary remains a favored haunt.

Undersigned also made a brief appearance at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, where it was hailed by the Inquirer as one of "Ten Shows Our Theater Critic Won't Miss"

No Proscenium called it "a wonderful and truly unique experience," and declared it one of their favorite shows of 2022; "Undersigned is truly breathtaking."

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