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The Telelibrary uses cutting-edge telephonic technology to provide you with adventure, entertainment and edification from the comfort and social distance of your own home. Our catalogue is constantly changing and evolving with new selections and features, and our system is designed to adapt to your needs and preferences. Our system is friendly, easy to use, professional, and only mostly fictional.

Part Theater, part game, part self-care and all just a phone call away. To experience "The Telelibrary," simply choose your preferred time below, sign up for your 50 minute slot, and when the time comes, pick up the phone and give a ring.



All times listed in Eastern Daylight Time / GMT-4

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Innovation in Interaction Design

Outstanding Achievement in
Outstanding Achievement.png

Grande Prix; Outstanding Achievement in Immersive & Experiential Production

Audience Choice; Best Screenless Experience

Denver Selection.png

Denver Film Festival, 2021


True/False Film Festival, 2022

User #199

Best. Ear. Show. Ever.



The Telelibrary gets called out in many conversations on remote performance: Listen to Kathryn Yu talk with the Knight Foundation's Discovery program about how performers are experimenting with remote performances and what is being learned about performance in the time of telepresence.  Or see the Telelibrary in No Proscenium's Critic's Picks for 2020, Unforgettable Moments that defined the year,  and December and May Writers Roundtables on what is working and what isn't in the age of virtual performance (spoiler: it's working).

You can also read a full review (with minimal spoilers) from No Proscenium here,


and the Telelibrary Feature (with more serious spoilers) in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Finally, you can hear from creator Yannick Trapman-O'Brien in a feature on "How Immersive Performers Are Adapting" or  in discussion with Noah Nelson on the No Proscenium Podcast

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