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Photo Credit: Lilly Roman

Is Trust given freely, or earned over time? Is Fairness judged on a geological timescale or in the span of a second? How much can you get in exchange that birthday present you got from your least favorite aunt?

Fair Trade is the first in a series of experiments from critically acclaimed Interactive Experience Makers Jessica Creane (Know Thyself, Chaos Theory, Schrödinger's Cat) and Yannick Trapman-O’Brien (The Telelibrary, Undersigned), designed to invite participants to lean into these questions and discover what exactly we give and take when things change hands.

In this thought experiment turned philosophical swap-meet, you’ll bring 3 possible offerings to negotiate a trade with a stranger.

It may be a deeply personal exploration of how you do (or don’t) come to Trust the people you meet. It may be a perspective-smashing upheaval of how you decide the Value of things. It may short circuit your notions of how to find meaning and fulfillment. It may even be the Fairest trade you've ever made. It will definitely be a chance to discover your own definitions.

What might you bring — and what might you get in return?

Come find out.

Fair Trade will 1st appear at the Cannonball Festival, September 8th-30th, as part of the Philadelphia Fringe.

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