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Yannick is a Performer, Theatermaker, and Creative Hand for Hire. His practice centers on exploring the exchanges and spaces we are willing to make with strangers, and the exploration of unorthodox applications for performance. He is the creator of a series of critically acclaimed immersive experiences, including the award-winning and long-running telephone experience The Telelibrary. His works have been official selections at La Jolla Playhouse's Without Walls Festival, as well as the Denver, True/False, and Overlook Film Festivals, and cited as a "North Star" in the industry for creating responsive and deeply personal encounters for audiences of one at a time. 

People pay him to act, which he has done in Shakespeare, devised work, performance actions and immersive works, as well as amphitheaters, basements, historical mansions, forests and one time on a bike. Yannick received his BA in Theater from NYU Abu Dhabi, training at The Experimental Theater Wing in New York, The Studies in Shakespeare program at RADA in London, and The International Theater Workshop in Amsterdam. The process was needlessly complicated and overly optimistic, as are most things he ascribes to and enjoys.

As a consultant, he has helped organizations shape engagement and think critically about the exchanges they make with their constituents, from single events to workshops to BFA programs. Most recently he served as Programming Coordinator for the Pulling Together Exhibition, part of the Beyond Granite initiative on the National Mall. 

Past credits include include training and work with Theater Mitu, Witness Relocation and the Interactive Playlab, appearances at The Walnut Street Theater, The American Czech Theater, New Light Theater, the Franklin Institute, and Morris Jumel Mansion, and collaborations with Public Movement (2016) and Amalia Pica (2017) at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. He is Project Specialist at Monument Lab, an ongoing collaborator with Al-Bustan, Guerilla Science and NYU Open Arts. 
Occasionally, he sleeps. 






The Telelibrary 

an ever-changing immersive experience, just a phone call away

“The experience has a feeling of intimacy and aliveness that other remote or online interactive experiences often can’t quite capture​ ... It is truly a pleasure to listen, to feel taken care of, and to feel comfort in this day and age.”

- Kathryn Yu, No Proscenium




an apparition, a ritual of self-exploration, a psychological thriller for an audience of one

“truly breathtaking"

- Edward Mylechreest, No Proscenium




Fair Trade

two strangers meet at a bar(ter)





how much is $25,000?



Production CV available below



 Full Acting Resume available by request

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Actor Resume
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