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Photo Credit: Lilly Roman

Positions Available

Call for SM
Bilingual Stage Manager needed for a two-participant interactive theater experience performed at La Jolla’s Without Walls Festival, San Diego. Performances in Spanish and English. 

Necessary Skills/Attributes:
- Organized and detail oriented
- Strong communicator
- Experienced SM

Experience appreciated in:
Immersive, interactive, and/or outdoor performances
Managing performances occurring at multiple locations at once (all within sight of one another)
Stage managing shows in both English and Spanish

Key Dates:
Show Dates: April 28-30
Workshop Dates: 5 hour, in-person workshop on the week of April 24th (date pending availability, target dates April 25th or 26th)

Additional Responsibilities: Online/asynchronous organization of workshop materials and communication with the team leading up to event.

Compensation is $650; $20/hr for rehearsal time, and $30/hr for performance time. 

Interested parties should Email for details. Please include Resume, CV, or any materials you feel represent the experience you’re excited to bring to this position. Voice memos are accepted as an addendum to and/or substitute for any and all requested materials.


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