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The Telelibrary uses cutting-edge telephonic technology to provide you with adventure, entertainment and edification from the comfort and social distance of your own home. Our catalogue is constantly changing and evolving with new selections and features, and our system is designed to adapt to your needs and preferences. Our system is friendly, easy to use, professional, and only mostly fictional.

In this award-winning 50-minute telephone experience for an audience of one, a simple phone tree blossoms into something entirely unexpected. With its constantly changing and evolving catalogue and innovative interface The Telelibrary creates “a surprisingly fractal exploration of what it means to be human” (Jury Statement, INDIECADE). Running for over 20 months to waitlist-only audiences, The Telelibrary has proven to be an undeniable literary page-turner, which “has a feeling of intimacy and aliveness that other remote or online interactive experiences often can’t quite capture” (No Proscenium); “You’re continually wondering what lurks behind the next aural corner of this phone system […] the journey through the library is different for everyone, and it’s truly something better experienced than described” (

The Telelibrary is a genre-defying auditory that is “Part comedy, part confessional, and part therapy,” (the Philadelphia Inquirer), and at nearly 1000 performances, a radical experiment in long-form storytelling at the most intimate scale. No two visits are alike, and your experience is a mystery until you pick up the phone.

This System is here for you—how will you use it?


User #199

Best. Ear. Show. Ever.

Innovation in Interaction Design

Outstanding Achievement in
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Grande Prix; Outstanding Achievement in Immersive & Experiential Production

Audience Choice; Best Screenless Experience

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